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A detailed list of image credits in accordance with Article 13 GDPR can be found in the following list.
Thumbnail Attachment ID Title Attached to Source
Handschlag Geschäftspartner 6736 4_Mobility-Concepts-1-1 sittinan on AdobeStock
Geschäftspartner; Netzwerkschnittstellen für moderne Mobility Concepts 6735 3_Mobility-Concepts-2-1 ImageFlow on AdobeStock
Automotive Ingenieure beraten über Mobility Concepts und Fahrzeug Prototypen 6734 2_Mobility-Concepts-1-1 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
Automotive Ingenieur arbeitet mit CAD Software; umsetzung Mobility Concepts 6733 1_Mobility-Concepts-1-1-1 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
RLE Mobility; dynamic Highway 6731 RLE-Home_4
Das Bild zeigt eine kreative Doppelbelichtung, die das Profil eines Mannes mit Schutzhelm und das Bild eines Bohrturms vereint. 6730 RLE-Home_3 metamorworks on iStock
Skyline von Shanghai bei Sonnenuntergang 6729 RLE-Home_2 yongyuan on istock
Vintage compass and map background 6728 RLE-Home_1 Who is Danny on AdobeStock
Charging infrastructure, plug is in e-vehicle 6716 Electrification-charging-infrastructure Janni on AdobeStock
Focused engineer in a white shirt and glasses working on a computer in an industrial setting, possibly analyzing data related to vehicle aerodynamics, with robotic arms and manufacturing equipment visible in the background, indicative of a high-tech automotive development facility. 6715 Electrification-Battery-2 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
DMSZ Zertifikat Badge weiß, blau 6713 DMSZ-quadrat RLE International
RLE Mobility, Business Consulting and Digitalisation 6709 12-2 Consulting_digitalisation metamorworks on AdobeStock
RLE Mobility, nachdenklicher Mann, Overlay zur Digitalisierung 6708 11-2 digitalisation_consulting metamorworks on AdobeStock
RLE Mobility, Unternehmens-Consulting Meeting 6707 9-2 digitalisation_constulting luckybusiness on AdobeStock
Autonomes Auto, Fahrzeuge auf Straße agieren durch ADAS miteinander 6706 8-2 Electronics_Software Blue Planet Studio on iStock
Cockpit autonom fahrendes Fahrzeug, 3D Overlay Infotainmentcenter 6705 7-3_Electronics_Software metamorworks on AdobeStock
intelligentes Verkehrstechnologiekonzept, visuelles intelligentes System analysiert digitale Informationen durch Electronics & Software 6704 6-2 Summit Art Creations
Geschäftsmann, Stadt; Concept 6703 5-2 peshkova on AdobeStock
Hans Joachim Laufenberg RLE INTERNATIONAL_Managinng Director RLE Moblity 6633 Hans-Joachim-Laufenberg-RLE-INTERNATIONAL RLE International
Ralf Laufenberg, CEO, RLE International 6593 Ralf Laufenberg_CEO_RLE_INTERNATIONAL_quer RLE International
Micheal Kiefer, Managing Director, RLE Mobility, CTO, RLE International 6589 Michael-Kiefer_Managing_Director_CTO_RLE_INTERNATIONAL RLE International
Digital marketing professional working on his laptop in his home office. 6389 Workation01_AdobeStock_687073319 sakir on AdobeStock
A digital nomad working on a laptop from the comfort of a cozy camper van parked in a scenic mountain landscape during workation. 6357 Workation02_AdobeStock_596802948 ckybe on AdobeStock
The Rise of Digital Nomads, Remote Work and Workation: Changing the Way People Work and Travel 6355 Workation04_AdobeStock_596344464 Wesley on AdobeStock
Icon Teamwork 6350 RLEMobility_Karriere_Teamplayer RLE International
Icon Problemlöser:in 6349 RLEMobility_Karriere_Problemloeser RLE International
Icon Motivation 6347 RLEMobility_Karriere_Motivation RLE International
Icon Kommunikationstalent 6345 RLEMobility_Karriere_Kommunikationstalent RLE International
Icon Herz für Engineering 6344 RLEMobility_Karriere_HerzEngineering RLE International
Icon Erfolg 6340 RLEMobility_Karriere_Erfolg RLE International
CFD Simulation, autumotive aerodynamics 6211 AI_CFD RLE International, TU Connected Engineering
RLE Mobility Siegel: ESG Transparency Award 2023/24; DSMZ Zertifikat ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO/EIC 27001 5468 Siegel_WebKombi2023 (2) RLE International
ESG Siegel Prädikat 2023/24 RLE Mobility 5451 ESG_Siegel_Prädikat 2023_RLE MOBILITY GmbH & Co. KG. (1) EUPD Reasearch
Cookie Consent Management 5402 Cookies 02 Complianz Consent Management
Cookie Consent Management 02 5401 Cookies 01 Complianz Consent Management
Portrait David Kinman, Manger Test & Development 5096 David Kinman RLE International, David Kinman
thermal optimization analysis on a vehicle in digital 3D model 5060 CFD-Analyse_AdobeStock_521097221 Framestock on AdobeStock
futuristic car, machinery visible and highlighted in green 4995 AdobeStock_645967496gre Johannes on AdobeStock
Engineer working on clear 2D vehicle model as preparation for CES 2024 4989 AdobeStock_649419117 Michael on AdobeStock
3D chassis model with electronic architecture visible 4875 AdobeStock_639140178kl Nataliia on AdobeStock
Electric Fuel Cell hydrogen, future technology fuels engine, sustainable battery solution 4874 AdobeStock_618556053 Techtility Design on AdobeStock
City car Wireframe View - engine and transmission details 3d render 4873 AdobeStock_108687018 umlimit3d on AdobeStock
Icon Aerodynamic 4798 Icon_Aerodynamic stas11 on AdobeStock
Hand with Simulated Vehicle 4797 AdobeStock_593535501 desinko on AdobeStock
A professional engineer wearing glasses and a white shirt stands in an industrial setting, focused on a laptop. In the background, the manufacturing floor of a vehicle safety testing facility can be seen, indicating the engineer may be analyzing data related to automotive safety performance. 4796 Vehicle Safety Engineer_AdobeStock_469707855 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
Icon Vehicle Weight Optimisation 4574 RLE_Mobility_Icon_Weight stas11 on AdobeStock
Icon Testing and Development 4569 RLE_Mobility_Icon_Testing_Prototyping stas11 on AdobeStock
Icon Active Safety 4528 RLE_Mobility_Icon_Active_Safety stas11 on AdobeStock
Engineer working on modell of Software Defined Vehicle 4509 RLE_Mobility_Software Defined Mobility_AdobeStock_282641863 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
View from Software defined Verhicle with virtual Dashboard to improve funktional safety. 4508 RLE Mobility_ Software Defined Mobility_AdobeStock_611835980 Mukhlesur on AdobeStock
Engineer with ipad working on functional safety on car wheel 4507 RLE Mobiltiy_ Functional Safety_AdobeStock_594956258 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
Engineer with VR Glasses 4506 RLE Mobility_Software Defined Mobility_AdobeStock_305628629a Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
Virtual Dashboard showing Systemarchitecture in Software Defined Vehicle 4505 RLE Mobilty_Software Defined Mobility_AdobeStock_305628629 Gorodenkoff on AdobeStock
Digital Model of Software Defined Vehicle to show advanced functional safety 4504 RLE Mobility_Sofitware Defined Mobility_AdobeStock_286171707 on AdobeStock
Logo of RLE Gold Partnership with Synera 4229 Synera_Partner_Gold (1) Synera Gold Partner Programm
DMSZ ISO Badge, weiß 4196 DMSZ_ISO_Badge_weiß DMSZ
Vorschaubild der Pressemitteilung von NIO und RLE 4004 Pressemitteilung NIO und RLE RLE International


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RLE Mobility Siegel: ESG Transparency Award 2023/24; DSMZ Zertifikat ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO/EIC 27001