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CAx Automation and Optimisation

Increase the efficiency of your development processes
by implementing proven methods and automation tools
Streamline your development with CAx Automation: Improve Efficiency, Quality and Innovation.

We increase your efficiency with CAx Automation

Revolutionize your CAx processes with automation! Say goodbye to manual routine tasks and increase your efficiency. CAx automation enables you to complete projects faster, more accurately and with fewer errors.

Benefit from ease-of-use and advanced technology tailored to your needs.

Our services to ensure the successful development and implementation of your CAx strategy:
  • Automation in CATIA V5/V6
  • Automation in Siemens NX
  • CAx method development
  • Knowledge management

CAx Software has been crucial in helping me to grow and develop as a professional. The automation of problem-oriented solutions, whether for cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, or individual modules such as lighting, requires expert advice and a standardized methodology. I am fascinated by the amount of methodological knowledge that can be integrated into CAx tools. From my experience at various OEMs, I know that the acceptance of CAx tools depends not only on the results, but also on the ease of use.

Our team makes CAx processes faster, better and smarter through automation. This frees engineers to think and design more creatively so they can focus on making the best product possible.

Mario Paponja

Technical Unit Leader CAx

Our portfolio for CAx automation and implementation in your development processes

Icon Consulting

Consulting and expertise

Want to improve the efficiency of your product development, but don’t know where to start?

No problem, our team of experts offers you a 2-day workshop for system analysis including optimization consulting and solution options based on various CAx software.

Icon Simulation

Standardization and methodology

A standardized, methodical approach to product development not only ensures efficient functionality and reliability, but also enables any user to easily work with third-party data models. This ensures consistent and cost-optimized reuse of data in case of changes and in the digital process.

Icon CAX


As part of our comprehensive service, we accelerate your recurring tasks through fully integrated, custom CAx tools in your CAD and CAE environment. We improve data consistency in the product development process by connecting your authoring systems within your IT system landscape with CAx tools.

Icon Connection Optimization

Networking and optimization

The integration of numerical optimization and machine learning in CAx tools enables more efficient control of complex manufacturing processes and maximizes productivity through automated decision making and design optimization. In our CAx environment, we are using the latest generation of generative engineering software from SYNERA.

Icon Compatibility Efficiency

Compatibility and efficiency

Compatibility of generated CAx tools with OEM specifications is critical for successful integration into the production process and efficient collaboration between suppliers and OEMs.

Development, design and production of customer-specific CAx solutions in compliance with all of the customer’s specific regulations.

Contact us now to learn how CAx automation can take your projects to the next level.


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