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Knowledge Management and AI

Advanced technologies for storing and analyzing knowledge (in the form of data) and its automated processing through AI and machine learning are the way to optimize and accelerate your processes.

The way your organization manages knowledge is critical to your success. We are your partner in the process!

Knowledge management and artificial intelligence

The opportunity to develop new products more efficiently and find new ways to quickly optimize solutions to customer needs lies in every company’s data.

ChatGPT (OpenAI/Microsoft) and Bard (Google) demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence in automated search for answers. Their integration with search engines is the next step. It will no longer be necessary to search web pages and documents – the search engine will formulate the answer.

Together with you, we will find approaches and solutions to unlock this potential for your data as well. Leverage the knowledge of your people and document assets to provide automated answers to your challenges. Our experts, tools and methodologies are at your disposal to advise you on the best steps to take to achieve your goal.

Our services for the successful development and implementation of your knowledge management and artificial intelligence solutions:
  • Consulting and support
  • Knowledge Management
  • Graph technology
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Data Science

Customer experience (CX) and process efficiency are critical to the success of digital transformation projects using AI.

Graph technology can be used to process massive amounts of data from a variety of data sources more quickly and effectively. The additional use of low-code or no-code also improves productivity. Our specialists will be happy to discuss how these techniques can also be part of your processes.

Lars Hiller

Senior Consultant AI & Graph Technology

Support your development with AI-based approaches with our services and products

Icon Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management

The question of how to make explicit and implicit knowledge equally usable (automatically) is the focus of our experts’ work.

The development of a knowledge culture is just as important as the structured search, storage, evaluation and provision of information.

Icon Graph Technology


Using knowledge-based graph technology, we are able to generate technically optimized solutions that can be flexibly adapted to your requirements. Our systems’ excellent interfacing capabilities allow for easy integration with existing solutions. We can also develop schemas and middleware to ensure data integrity.

Icon Data Science


Mathematical models and algorithms are needed to automatically evaluate data. Data science is the science at the interface between traditional business analysis and the IT view of data. Our team can help you find the right mathematical methods to identify and structure patterns and trends in your data.

Icon KI


To make your business fit for the future, we work with you to identify the best places to deploy artificial intelligence, graph technology, and machine learning. In addition to self-learning processes through artificial intelligence, automation through robotic software (RPA) can be a huge relief for many manual activities.

Icon NVH Expertise, Machine Learning


We use advanced machine learning models to detect patterns and explore text for content. Logs or documentation can be automatically analyzed. This makes it possible to extract insights from your data and create individual forecasts for you. On this basis, processes can be optimized and synergy potential uncovered.

Icon Natural Language Processing

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Large volumes of unstructured text data are analyzed in seconds for new technologies, contexts, and emerging trends using the latest NLP techniques. This data can be the basis for applying algorithms from graph technology or machine learning.

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