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Connected Engineering

With powerful workflows that connect your data, tools, and teams, we help you accelerate product development and unlock potential.

Develop the future of mobility with Connected Engineering from RLE Mobility

Increase your efficiency and get ready for Industry 4.0 with RLE Mobility

Connected Engineering is an approach to digitizing and automating engineering processes with the goal of seamlessly integrating disparate technologies and processes. It combines and connects data and information from multiple sources to improve the efficiency and quality of engineering processes.

Our Connected Engineering solutions include the implementation of low-code and CAx automation to optimize your processes. When required, we will assist in implementing virtual manufacturing for simulating and optimizing your production prior to its actual start. We also help you collect and analyze data from your processes to make informed decisions and continuously improve your processes.

Let us help you free up time to focus on more important tasks and ensure that your processes run efficiently and accurately.

Our services for the successful development and implementation of your digital strategy:
  • Workflow development
  • Data engineering
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Graph Technology
  • Virtual Manufacturing
  • CAx Automation
  • AI / Artificial Intelligence
intelligentes Verkehrstechnologiekonzept, visuelles intelligentes System analysiert digitale Informationen durch Electronics & Software

Connected Engineering has the potential not only to improve collaboration and communication, but also to make the entire value chain more efficient and transparent.

Our RLE Mobility teams uncover synergies, accelerate processes and get you to the finished product faster. Industry-, platform- and system-independent and customized to your needs.

Tim Schmitz

Senior Project- and Program Manager

Digitize and automate your engineering processes with our services and products

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Want to improve your product development efficiency but don’t know where to start? No problem, our team of experts offers you a compact 3-day workshop to identify potential.
Building on such a workshop, but also after a regular briefing, we can help you implement networked technologies and engineering solutions to optimize your development processes and workflows.



A successful transformation to Connected Engineering requires a thorough analysis of the existing engineering processes and systems in place to identify the areas that would benefit from a modernization effort.
The key to rapid success is to prepare and train your team for the changes. At the same time, integrate the technologies and solutions into your existing infrastructure and processes.

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Low Code Automation

Low-code automation enables your teams to develop applications and processes without extensive programming skills. This reduces the time and cost of developing and deploying solutions. Moreover, low-code tools improve collaboration between your engineers and other departments by simplifying communication and information sharing.


CAx Automation

CAx automation refers to the use of computer-aided technologies (CAx) to automate and optimize engineering processes. CAx technologies include CAD (computer-aided design), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), and CAE (computer-aided engineering), which are often used in combination to cover the entire engineering process.

>> Here you can find more information about this topic


Virtual manufacturing

By enabling you to optimize production processes and simulate product performance in different scenarios, virtual manufacturing can help you improve the quality of your products. By integrating simulation technologies into the manufacturing process, you can bring new products to market faster and increase your competitiveness.

We can help you choose the right tools and actively support your implementation.

Is this exactly your topic? Please use this contact form and we will send you detailed information or get in touch with you directly.


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Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany


Brodhausen 1, 51491
Overath, Germany

+49 2204 9725-0