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RLE International
at CES 2024

Learn how RLE’s EV expertise in performance, battery life and energy efficiency can enhance your customers’ mobility experience, or learn about our generative engineering methodology to save time and money.

Showcasing solutions for sustainable mobility, intelligent connectivity and generative engineering

Discover the future of automotive innovation with RLE International at CES 2024! Meet us at the German Pavilion in the Venetian Expo, where pioneering spirit meets technical excellence. With our innovative solutions in vehicle technology, generative vehicle engineering and the electrification of mobility, we are leading the way to a sustainable future together with you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with our experts in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of January 2024. You can already book appointments with our team now.

Engineering Excellence

Engineering the EVs of tomorrow

With RLE’s latest breakthroughs in vehicle engineering, specifically tailored for electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, you can dive into the transformation of transportation. We will be at CES 2024 to demonstrate how we redefine vehicle engineering to improve efficiency, safety and performance in the EV sector, ranging from cars to trucks.

Engineer working on modell of Software Defined Vehicle
City car Wireframe View - engine and transmission details 3d render

Explore the latest developments in vehicle dynamics, lightweight materials, safety technologies, aerodynamics and thermal management at the heart of precise engineering and leading-edge design. Our team of experts is not just making cars, we’re creating the future of mobility.

Energizing Mobility

Leading Battery Innovations

The electrification of mobility is at the focus of all our technological innovations. Take the opportunity to talk to us about the future of EV batteries and electric power train. Use our expertise, state-of-the-art methods, automated development and manufacturing processes to optimise cost efficiency and product quality. Our solutions are individually tailored to your needs and use state-of-the-art cell technology for maximum performance and durability.

Electric Fuel Cell hydrogen, future technology fuels engine, sustainable battery solution
3D chassis model with electronic architecture visible

Find out how we are working towards sustainable mobility with batteries that go beyond energy efficiency to make a conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure a cleaner, more environmentally friendly use of resources.

Smarter and faster Development

Utilize Generative Engineering

Increase component performance with RLE: Our intelligent methods provide direct CAE feedback on stiffness, strength, buckling, NVH and weight. By using these methods, automated input generation for system validation is provided that is specifically tailored to K&C. Your teams will have the freedom and flexibility they need to develop detailed concepts. 

futuristic car, machinery visible and highlighted in green
Engineer working on clear 2D vehicle model as preparation for CES 2024

Our toolset enables you to reduce CAD resource requirements by up to 20% and our team of experts can help you achieve consistent and homogeneous resource utilisation. In addition you can save up to 35% on CAE resources with our solutions.

Micheal Kiefer, Managing Director, RLE Mobility, CTO, RLE International

We are relentless in our commitment to reshape the global engineering and electric vehicle landscape. As we look forward to CES 2024, our commitment to driving the industry forward through innovative engineering and sustainable practices has never been stronger than it is today. We believe that the future of mobility depends on combining advanced technology with environmental responsibility.

Our presence at CES 2024 isn’t just about showcasing our latest achievements. It’s about having conversations about the central role that electric vehicles will play in shaping a greener, more efficient world. We are on the brink of a new era where electric mobility is the cornerstone of consumer transportation, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey.

Join us in taking the opportunity for good discussions and networking.

Michael Kiefer


Experience the future of engineering and mobility from January 9 to 12 at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, and visit us in the German pavilion at the Venetian Expo.


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