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Use case:
CFD analysis of
vehicle silhouettes

RLE is your partner for accelerated vehicle development with high-speed CFD analyses that combine efficiency and precision.

Optimize your vehicle design with fast and accurate CFD analysis of vehicle silhouettes using RLE's AI tool for Synera software

CFD analyses in seconds

Our advanced connected engineering solution enables you to perform CFD analysis of vehicle silhouettes in the shortest possible time. With our custom AI tool for the Synera software, we focus on high accuracy without the hassle of traditional simulation or expert knowledge. Within seconds, you get reliable CFD parameters such as lift, drag, and speed. Our use of parametric design and deep learning makes the technology accessible without extensive CFD or AI knowledge. This allows you to streamline your design processes and increase efficiency.

Your advantages when integrating CFD analyses with our SYNERA modules:

  • CFD analyses in seconds
  • Reduced costs for experts and simulations
  • Real-time design evaluation for improved products
  • Planned expansion to 3D analyses for long-term Innovation
CFD Simulation, autumotive aerodynamics

Efficient vehicle development and design

This module is designed to improve the way you design and develop vehicles. Whether you are already developing promising concepts or exploring new ideas, our AI tool provides reliable approximations of CFD results. You minimize resources and accelerate the development process. With our software, you can evaluate the impact of design variants on vehicle aerodynamics in real time, without the need to consult CFD experts. This allows you to achieve optimal overall performance and save valuable time.

Efficient vehicle design assessment

Through precise vehicle design evaluations without requiring complex simulations, we enable a significant acceleration of the development process and optimize the use of resources.

thermal optimization analysis on a vehicle in digital 3D model

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    A glimpse into the future:
    Three-dimensional flow analysis

    Our vision goes beyond current possibilities. We plan to extend our technology to three-dimensional flow analysis to further increase the quality of your design variants. Thanks to our innovative solution, you can significantly reduce the time required to evaluate the influence of hundreds of design variants on vehicle aerodynamics. Take advantage of the future of CFD analyses and optimize your processes with our advanced AI tool for sustainable success in vehicle development.

    Screen showing engineering process with Synera

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