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Design, Strak and Studio Feasibility

We offer solutions to help you bring your design ideas to the production stage. Together with you or entirely for you.

We are your partner for design and other creative challenges for your product.

Design, Strak and Studio Feasibility - We turn your ideas into reality

The sketch is looking great. You may even have some initial data. But how are you going to implement it?

Regardless of whether you are specifying sections or just relying on old experience and data, at some point every design reaches its limits and the tricky details only become apparent when it comes to implementation.

From the very first surface design, we are here to support you. Hand in hand with the design team and construction, we build and style all visible surfaces in a way that preserves your design line. We implement all requirements, such as legal and technical minimum radii or technical draft angles.

Whether redesign, new development or vision for the future – design your products with RLE and rely on perfect styling! We support you with:
  • Design Support
  • Concept Surfacing
  • Strak / Class A Surfacing
  • Parametric Surface Design
  • Design Feasibility
  • Perceived Quality
Oliver Oswald, Head of Surfacing, RLE Mobility

A good product includes not only functionality, but also an appealing design that must be perfected to invoke emotions.

Our fascination with good products drives us to continuously improve the visual and haptic experience, while always taking technical aspects into account.

Oliver Oswald

Head of Surfacing

Our services for product design
and development

Icon Design Support


  • Trend & Material Analyses
  • Moodboards
  • 2D Sketches
Icon Concept Surfacing


  • 3D concept surface creation,
    based on 2D sketches, or 3D scan data
  • SUB-D modeling with RHINO and BLENDER
  • Polygon modeling with RHINO and BLENDER

Class A Surfacing

  • Conversion of design specifications into production-ready surface models
  • Class A / Strak
    Surface creation with ICEM Surf
  • Gray zones Strak with ICEM Surf
Icon Parametic Surface Design

Parametic Surface Design

Creation of parametric surface models with:

Icon Design Feasibility


  • Feasibility evaluation of components, assemblies and complete vehicles
  • Coordination with design and engineering departments
Icon Quality


  • Examination of the product in terms of actual, perceived and experienced quality
  • Adequate optimization of product quality

Is design development and feasibility just what you need or do you have any questions? Please use our contact form and we will send you detailed information or get in touch with you directly!


Phone: +49 2204 9725-0


Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany

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