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Vehicle Dynamics

With a extensive range of expertise and capabilities, we provide a holistic approach to Vehicle Dynamics.

We support you at all stages of your product's development and evolution.

Full chassis development and design

We offer design and engineering from the first draft through all phases of concept development and prototype construction to series introduction and support.

Vehicle Dynamics shapes a vehicle’s motion character. This arises from controlled responses to driver inputs (steering, braking) and road conditions (smooth or rough surfaces). RLE Engineers craft performance and control specifications, leveraging insights into a vehicle’s behavior in diverse situations.

From concept to vehicle study to production-ready product. Shape the future of mobility with RLE! We support you with:

  • Subjective assessment
  • Target setting and Target cascading
  • Objective testing
  • System specifications support
  • Suspencion tuning and report
AlexanderMathews_Vehicle Dynamics
Vehicle Dynamics gives the vehicle its character in motion.
This character comes from how the vehicle behaves, in a controlled manner, to driver inputs like steering or braking or road inputs from smooth or rough surfaces.
RLE Engineers create specifications for cars and components that deliver the best performance and control, by understanding how a vehicle acts in these various situations.

Alexander Matthews

Vehicle Attributes & Integration Engineer

Our services and solutions for complete design and development

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Vehicle Handling and Steering

  • Design & development of axle components and systems
  • Subframe
  • Control Arm
  • Wheel Carrier
  • Pivot Bearings
  • Suspension Forks
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Brake Systems

  • Development and adaptation of passive and active damping systems
  • Design of conventional and air suspension systems
  • Passive and active roll stabilization

Vehicle Dynamics Support

  • Full vehicle vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Kinematics design
  • CAE strength, durability and stiffness calculations
  • Weight and performance validation

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Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany


Brodhausen 1, 51491
Overath, Germany

+49 2204 9725-0