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Test & Development /
Test & Validation (T&D / T&V)

With a extensive range of expertise and capabilities, we provide a holistic approach to Test & Development and Test & Validation (T&D / T&V) .

We support you at all stages of your product's development and evolution.

Precision in Progress: Streamlined Test & Development/ Validation Processes for Seamless Integration

We outline and implement core processes to seamlessly integrate components and systems, ensuring the creation of a purpose-fit, fully functional product. Our systematic planning, execution, and reporting drive continuous improvement, leading to the successful validation of the entire product.

From concept to vehicle study to production-ready product. Shape the future of mobility with RLE! We support you with:

  • Design Verification Planning
  • Asset Allocation and Fleet Optimisation
  • Facility identification & Facility Capability Definiation
  • Test Cost Management
  • Instrumentation and resource demand analysis
  • Whole vehicle program delivery & requirement signoff

When it comes to electric vehicles, Test & Development and Test & Validation are the backbone that ensure the integration of components and systems.

Our approach involves strategic planning, precise execution and detailed reporting for systematic improvement, all leading to the final sign-off of total product validation. It’s our quality management approach and our methods that ensure every aspect is rigorously tested and aligned with the end result – a product that performs at its intended purpose.

David Kinman

Manager Test & Development

Our services and solutions for complete chassis design and development


Wheel suspension and frame

  • Design & development of axle components and systems
  • Subframe
  • Control Arm
  • Wheel Carrier
  • Pivot Bearings
  • Suspension Forks

Damping and suspension

  • Development and adaptation of passive and active damping systems
  • Design of conventional and air suspension systems
  • Passive and active roll stabilization

Simulation and kinematics

  • Full vehicle vehicle dynamics simulation
  • Kinematics design
  • CAE strength, durability and stiffness calculations
  • Weight and performance validation

Is vehicle safety the right topic for you, or do you have specific questions? Feel free to reach out through our contact form, and we’ll provide you with detailed information or connect with you directly.


Phone: +49 2204 9725-0


Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany


Brodhausen 1, 51491
Overath, Germany

+49 2204 9725-0