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Lightweight Engineering

With a extensive range of expertise and capabilities, we provide a holistic approach to Lightweight Engineering.

We support you at all stages of your product's development and evolution to create parts with optimal weight.

Driving the Future: Unleashing the Potential of Lightweight Engineering in E-Mobility Excellence

In the dynamically evolving e-mobility landscape, we recognise the vital importance of lightweighting. Our expertise extends to proactive and accurate mass control, a critical aspect in achieving not only reduced weight, but also a wide range of benefits for electric vehicles. The adoption of lightweight materials and creative design strategies not only improves energy efficiency but also plays a central role in extending the range of electric vehicles.

Proactive and precise mass monitoring are integral to achieving optimized vehicle mass, ensuring a harmonious design that seamlessly integrates efficiency with top-tier performance. In the pursuit of Lightweight Engineering,

From concept to vehicle study to production-ready product. Shape the future of mobility with RLE! We support you with:

  • Optimisation of vehicle mass
  • Reduction of mass through design efficiency and material selection
  • Benchmarking of competitor vehicle and system masses
  • Determination of vehicle mass and CoG forecast during the development phase
  • Certification of vehicle mass at the end of development
Engineer at PC, in production environment

Elevate your electric vehicle performance with cutting-edge Lightweight Engineering, as we guide you seamlessly from concept to series introduction, ensuring superior efficiency, extended range, and a sustainable future in the dynamic landscape of E-Mobility.

In the realm of e-Mobility, where optimizing performance and efficiency is key, our focus on lightweight solutions ensures a harmonious design. By strategically reducing the overall weight of the vehicle, we not only improve energy efficiency but also enhance acceleration and handling, contributing to a superior driving experience.

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Project Engineer weight & Light Wieght

Our services and solutions for design and development with a focus on weight optimisation and lightweight design.


Lightweight Manufacturing

We improve your components by using bonded blanks or patchwork techniques that strategically combine materials to optimise weight distribution, promoting improved performance and efficiency.



We guide you in your choice of materials – from high-strength steel, aluminum, titanium and  magnesium to advanced composites – to ensure the optimum lightweight solutions for precision and performance.


Concept Lightweight Construction

We blend inventive ideas, advanced materials, and innovative structures, placing conceptual creativity at the forefront for unmatched efficiency and sustainable mobility solutions in vehicle design.

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We support you with our wide range of skills in the geometric adaptation of semi-finished products, whether structured or domed.

Structural Inserts

We develop hybrid structural inserts and NVH noise insulation together with our partner Henkel in The Mobility Alliance

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Phone: +49 2204 9725-0


Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany


Brodhausen 1, 51491
Overath, Germany

+49 2204 9725-0