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Cabin Comfort

With a extensive range of expertise and capabilities, we provide a holistic approach to Cabin Comfort.

We support you at all stages of your product's development and evolution.

Redefined cabin comfort for the ultimate driving experience

By combining physical testing with sophisticated algorithms, we enhance vehicle performance and ensure passenger comfort. 

Our engineers apply the leading techniques to meticulously design HVAC systems, using the latest CAE to ensure thermal, airflow and NVH targets are exceeded. Technology such as synchronised mood lighting and fragrance dispensers further enhance the user experience, creating a seamless fusion of innovation and comfort.

From concept to vehicle study to production-ready product. Shape the future of mobility with RLE! We support you with:

  • Thermal Comfort Assurance
  • HVAC system sizing and development
  • Integration of complementary interior technologies
  • Field trials / road test reports
Portrait of Neil Rainey, Projevt Engineer HVAC/Thermal Control

Occupant thermal comfort is the traditional requirement demanded from the HVAC system. However, in today’s automobile this feature has evolved and also includes occupant well-being as a necessary attribute. Whilst it is essential that the cabin temperature is fully controlled and that each occupant is comfortable; it is also required that HVAC system is integral in reducing cabin contamination and promoting occupant wellbeing.

Neil Rainey

Project Engineer HVAC/Thermal Controls

Our services and solutions for cabin comfort design and development

Icon Driving Comfort, Cabin Comfort


  • Complementary technologies like mood lighting and fragrance dispensers for a holistic sensory experience
  • Occupant well-being and thermal comfort
  • Management of pollutants through filtration and control software
Icon Thermal System Development

Thermal System

  • Application of CAE to meet specified thermal performance criteria and optimize cabin airflow
  • Design of thermal systems for uniform temperature control and enhanced occupant comfort
  • Coordination of thermal regulation with vehicle diagnostics for adaptive temperature management
Icon Cooling System Development

HVAC System

  • Critical sizing and development to match the vehicle’s specific requirements
  • physical testing to confirm performance and refine control algorithms
  • Functional fragrances developed to impart a psychological and physiological calming effect on occupants

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