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Vehicle Engineering

Maximize your vehicle’s capabilities with our advanced engineering solutions, designed for smooth product development processes and high performance.

Our goal is to help you meet the ever-changing challenges of your product through leading edge engineering.

RLE Vehicle Engineering:
Where efficiency meets optimization

At the heart of vehicle engineering lies the fusion of cutting-edge technology and inventive design, with each new development reshaping the future of mobility. From initial concept to final physical production, we cover the complex process of vehicle development. Our comprehensive approach covers critical areas such as NVH, aerodynamics, thermal management, safety protocols, testing and validation, as well as insights into vehicle dynamics, mass considerations and the latest ADAS technologies.

By focusing on these key aspects, we aim to provide you with solutions that improve efficiency, enable optimisation and facilitate seamless integration throughout the development lifecycle.

From initial concept phase through to continuous vehicle development, spanning both current production and derivative models. We support you in the following areas:

  • Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)
  • Thermal
  • Cabin Comfort
  • Vehicle Dynamics (Ride, Handling, Steering, Braking)
  • Testing and Validation
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Aerodynamics
  • Weight and Lightweight Engineering

Vehicle Engineering AND BEYOND


Unlock your vehicle’s full potential with our global team of certified subject matter experts harnessing global insights and local expertise. From industry-compliant processes to an advanced toolset, we streamline design optimization for unrivaled results.

Hand with Simulated Vehicle
A professional engineer wearing glasses and a white shirt stands in an industrial setting, focused on a laptop. In the background, the manufacturing floor of a vehicle safety testing facility can be seen, indicating the engineer may be analyzing data related to automotive safety performance.

While utilising world-class software and advanced equipment, our collaborative approach extends to our broad network of partners and suppliers. Using both virtual simulations and physical design optimization, our streamlined processes guarantee excellence at every stage of your project.

Icon Thermal Simulation


Eliminate disruptive noise, vibration, and harshness, ensuring a smooth and refined driving experience with our comprehensive NVH solutions.

Icon Thermal System Development


Ensure optimal performance and durability with our advanced thermal management solutions, designed to maintain the perfect balance in your vehicle’s operating temperatures.

Icon Driving Comfort, Cabin Comfort


Craft an unparalleled driving experience with our innovative cabin comfort solutions, tailored to elevate every journey with smart and ergonomic design.

Icon Lateral Motion Control


Find out how our vehicle dynamics specialists can help you manage the vehicle’s motion induced by road, steering and braking inputs.

Icon Testing and Development


Our team is highly experienced in component, system and vehicle testing at both limit and Post-limit. We optimize Capex through vertically integrated testing that captures simultaneous requirements sign-off.

Icon Active Safety


Get in touch with our vehicle safety experts to ensure the safety of all road users. Our solutions include measures to help prevent accidents and reduce injuries in the event of a collision.

Icon Aerodynamic


Aerodynamics involves examining how air interacts with a vehicle, affecting its effectiveness, efficiency, and stability. The main objective is to minimise air resistance, also known as drag.

Icon Vehicle Weight Optimisation


Lightweight engineering, design, and construction are defined as a cross-cutting field, providing an interdisciplinary approach to reducing vehicle weight.

Our combined portfolio for vehicle engineering across the RLE International Group:

Icon Design Feasibility

Product Definitions

  • Requirements creation & management
  • Competitor analysis & benchmarking
  • Attribute analysis & target setting
  • Feature content & concept development
Icon Testing and Development

Virtual and physical validation

  • CAE analysis for all requirements
  • Vehicle Build & Testing
  • Correlation activity
  • Vehicle evaluations (high level benchmarking)
Icon Simulation

Vehicle programme management

  • Delivery of overall project timing
  • Attribute balancing & issue resolution
  • Manage strategic arbitration and change management
Icon Quality

and certification

  • Delivery of all legal requirements
  • Market localisation
  • Vehicle test support
Engineer working on modell of Software Defined Vehicle

The future of vehicle engineering is being shaped by the seamless integration of lightweight materials, advanced safety technologies, streamlined aerodynamics, enhanced cabin comfort, and intelligent thermal management. This harmonious convergence of innovative elements is poised to redefine the driving experience, ensuring optimal performance, heightened safety, and a transformative journey for passengers.

By embracing this evolution, the boundaries of automotive innovation will be pushed beyond traditional norms, opening up a new era of efficience and safety.

Georg Heym

Technical Project Lead Vehicle Engineering

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