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Electrification, Battery & Simulation

Design and optimization of electrification, battery technology and simulation modeling for the future of electromobility

From initial concept to full-scale operation, our services cover every aspect of electrified vehicles, batteries, and simulation.

Electrification Excellence: Tailored Solutions for Next-Generation Vehicles

In the electrified pulse of today’s vehicle development, we deliver solutions designed for the era of electric trucks. Our experienced engineering team is your ally from concept to the cusp of production and beyond, ensuring every milestone is met with precision.

Our expertise in vehicle electrification, advanced battery systems, and precision simulation is the foundation upon which we build robust, reliable electric trucks. Using advanced battery simulation and rigorous testing protocols, we ensure the integrity and performance of high-voltage systems from cell to powertrain. By tailoring our approach to your specific needs, we aim to maximize efficiency, longevity and cost effectiveness. Rely on our commitment to provide the next generation of electric trucks with superior quality and sustainable technology.

We develop and design the mobility of the future with you. We will support you in the following areas, among others:

  • Full EV Development Lifecycle
  • Vehicle Controls Software Offerings
  • Model based development
  • Battery Cell, Module, Pack & HV System
  • Vehicle Energy and Drivetrain Simulation
  • Aerodynamic Modeling & Fluid Dynamics
  • Battery Thermal Simulation
  • BMS testing – HIL

“Innovating electric trucks means leveraging our electrification, battery, and simulation expertise to push traditional boundaries. We’re focused on the granular details – from complex drivetrain systems to advanced battery technology to precise simulations that validate performance. Our mission is clear: to engineer electric trucks that set industry standards for efficiency, safety, and sustainability. We’re creating a future that goes beyond cleanliness to intelligence and reliability.”

Marco Thömmes


Our area of expertise for electrification, battery, HV and simulation



Excellence in electrification is achieved through careful lifecycle development. From in-depth requirements analysis and economic feasibility studies to advanced simulations that refine EV system performance, we ensure customized solutions. Our integrated approach includes advanced battery technology, superior thermal management, and sophisticated software development. We set new standards in EV technology by delivering electric truck technology with optimized efficiency, range, and safety.


Battery Systems

In the dynamic field of battery systems, we lead with innovation. We collaborate with OEMs and Tier 1 clients to push the boundaries of Li-ion battery development, utilizing next-generation technologies and materials. Our expertise spans the spectrum from project management to advanced systems engineering, and from rigorous testing to strategic supplier qualification. We are committed to delivering customized high voltage battery solutions that embody durability, efficiency and superior performance.



To improve electric truck engineering, we leverage the precision of simulation and the accuracy of testing. Our simulation capabilities range from MATLAB Simulink models for powertrain efficiency to Computational Fluid Dynamics for aerodynamics. We specialize in comprehensive battery thermal simulation and complete vehicle thermal design, ensuring that each component operates within optimal parameters. Our holistic approach to simulation and testing is the foundation for developing robust and reliable EV systems.

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Brodhausen 1, 51491 Overath, Germany


Brodhausen 1, 51491
Overath, Germany

+49 2204 9725-0