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Project and Program Management

We combine our many years of professional program and project management experience in complete vehicle development with intelligent, bi-directional data, process and product data management.

RLE Mobility Program Management stands for
evidence-based decisions.

Take control of the development process with effective project and program management

With our tools and services, you can ensure that everyone knows what needs to be done and when, how work packages are linked, and how the quality of each work package is measured and reported.

With years of experience in full vehicle development and a variety of digitization solutions, we provide real-time visibility into program status, quality, time, and cost, while freeing up development teams by reducing administrative overhead.

Our services for effective development, program, and project management:
  • Operational Program & Project Management from Planning to Completion
  • Partial process automation
  • Visualizations in the form of dashboards
  • System-independent, data-driven, real-time monitoring of projects
  • Establishment of generic product development processes and standards
  • Operational, strategic and controlling PMO
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Unforeseen problems can cost you time and money in wasted budgets, frustrated employees, and unpleasant discussions. To successfully complete a project, your team needs to know what to do and when to do it.

With our help, you can identify problems early, overcome the challenges of project management, and make your projects a success.

Tim Schmitz

Senior Project- and Program Manager

Our services and products to support your project and program management

Icon Opperative Program Projectmanagement

Operative program and project management

Ensure the success of your product development with a structured project organization and transparent processes.

Our toolbox of agile methodologies enables scalable and agile project management from the engineering of components to the development of complex complete vehicles.

Icon Digitalisation Automation Solutions

Digitization and automation solutions

Digitization enables significant efficiencies in the product development process. As a result, you can bring products to market faster and more cost-effectively. Furthermore, efficient process and product data management enables sustainable, networked and cross-project knowledge management as a guarantor for continuous improvement.


Methodological competence

Proven RLE management processes, methods, and applications provide maximum visibility into project status and a high level of project control.

Icon SDP

Process Management

SDP is a scalable, full-vehicle development standard developed by RLE that can be applied flexibly to the scope of the project.

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